>25 Years of Experience


Ventura Publisher was a great start in DTP (Desk Top Publishing).
Ventura Publisher was a great start in DTP (Desk Top Publishing).

I have more than 25 yeas of experience in graphic design, marketing and video editing.
I am happy for these experiences because all three parts are very important and needed.

I started even before the XT computers were born (way before MS Windows).
At that time, knowledge in graphic design was more important.
These fundamentals are still part of my work in graphic design and nowadays in video editing.

My first years were with Ventura Publisher (GEM visual operating system with the WYSIWYG).
I was lucky to be one of the first users who tried and used a laser printer in our country.  
Fonts were rare and non-scalable (in bitmap and for each size only).  What an experience!

Quark XPress was my tool for many years...

Then Windows 3.1 came out and Corel Draw 2.1 was 'the king' that time ... Quark XPress!

A lot of my graphic design experience is from that time.
Knowledge was difficult to find, but in that time I had even better computer equipment than that in the
Slovenian Academy Of Fine Arts And Design...

I was always up to date with technology.
As a designer, you have to be.

No computers for graphic design at that time?
But we had to know how to use the LetrasetTM...

I was learning graphic design the 'old school' way. 

I started with LetrasetTM and studied all the elements, including what leading, and N dash  are, etc.

The basics of graphic design are still the basics, no matter what the technology is now.
But I like to use the new tech, which is very helpful.

My employees helped me. Picture from my studio in the 'old times'.

I learned a lot about marketing and I am using it to help my clients.

It is actually very important in graphic design.
It creates much better results.

Later we all tried and switched to the programs of the Adobe Collection.
PowerMac G4 QuickSilver was my great tool at the beginning of this century.

Knowledge in this modern tool is important. 
Now I work with: 
- Adobe Photoshop (for bitmap graphics), 
- Adobe Illustrator (for vector graphics), 
- Adobe After Effects / DaVinci Resolve (for effects and video editing),
Adobe Audacity (for editing the audio),
- Sketchup (for 3D modeling). 

I have been designing and supervising design, even for my co-workers, for many years.
Now I am more focused on video editing, which is even more challenging - with 4th dimension: time!

You can hire me for graphic design projects (CVI - or Corporate Visual identity), 
for making a video, video editing or 3D modeling.

Knowledge I have:
- Graphic preparation for press (in details, w/ color accuracy and complete knowledge and experience of press techniques) 10
- Graphic design  (just a logo design or a complete Corporate or a Brand name Visual Identity, for small or very large company) 10
- Packaging design (any) 8
- Senior / Lead graphic design, tutting in graphic design
- Directing and assistance to a studio photographer (did a special photography course for that)
- Designing and editing web sites with CMS tool Google Sites  (advanced)
- Production and editing of videos and effects
- Drawing and design in 3D space
- Marketing research and marketing based graphic design
- Marketing lead
- Large size printing
- POS displays 10
- Trade show and exhibition stands 10
- ... and many more

Knowledge of Computer Software:
- Adobe Illustrator - vector graphics
- Adobe Photoshop - bitmap graphic
- Adobe After Effects  - video effects, 2D animations
- DaVinci Resolve - video editing
- Quark X Press - any printed matter, Desk Top Publishing
- SketchUp - 3D quick drawings 10
- MS Office (Word,  Excel, MS Access), now LibreOffice (Writer, Calc and Base)
- Corel Draw (in case clients send me files...)
Level:   10 = I can do 'miracles',   9 = advanced,   8 = very good,   7 = yeeey!
For all above I use my >25 years of knowledge and experience.

Because I am living in Slovenia, I have moderate prices and I can help a lot with my reach experiences.
To be sure, you can check my professional attitude. Here.