Name  Masaru 


Why name MASARU?  What does it mean?
  1. It is very simple: it comes from Japan language.
    (There is no secret hidden message or association with some other English word or etc.)
  2. I was inspired by work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who made quite remarkable findings regards water crystals. You can read more about how thought and words can affect matter, in this case water.  Very interesting!
    In other words: how we are causing an effect to others and especially to our environment.
    Simply with thought.  So, what would you like to cause, if may I ask...
    Check to find more on the website:
  3. MASARU it is also used in astronomy for an asteroid.  In Wikipedia it is also called  'a smaller planet'
    (not a real planet). It has number 27791 Masaru (discovered 1993 Feb. 24 by Y. Kushida and O. Muramatsu). In shot: MASARU is also name of an asteroid.
  4. Finally, name MASARU in Japanese language means:  victory or Victor (male name in Japanese language). Internet source also refers its meaning to "to excel" and to "to be better than something or somebody".
    In general: to be better, to win, etc.

    So, let's go for a victory!
On the end you can say MASARU is rather something very positive, oriented to success,
has importance for all of us and is also a 'mind-blowing'.
Fell free to do your research, if you want to know more.

The Logotype

I made it from a simple and very clear typography, called Dince Black.

I did not add a special sign. It is just the name written in this typography. Simple (the best things are usually simple).
But there is a small detail that makes the logo immediately notable. The first letter or the "M":

The Typography

Dince family: Dince Black, Dince Regular and Dince Light. On web site I used Google typography which is the closest in appearance o original typography Dince.
For titles on the website is Allura.


Blue, grades of blue, that are going toward cyan,  pale cyan  and white color. 
Blue (dark) is commonly used for stability, wisdom. Cyan creates more space, etc.