Before you even start ...


Before you even start to promote any activity, may face common question:  

'What is really  needed and wanted?'

What clients really  wish and need (and how)?
Every entrepreneur wants to know the answer.
If he does not find out he simply spends more money and work harder for promotion. That is all.
How to find out? There are several ways.
Here is a couple of samples to make a simple or even a FREE survey by yourself.
(Yes, it is 100% free)

Do you even have that product or service?

You really have it?
Oops, what if the answer is NO?  You can:
- honestly suggest a solution to the client, where to get it - client will appreciate this and remember you,
- you can maybe increase your assortment of the goods / services,
- you may do nothing and go on with your conviction,
'Create a demand'  works really hardly ever...
OK, what (and how) you want to promote something?

Let's say you know WHAT and HOW TO PROMOTE
and the only question is WHO will do or improve the:
- Corporate Visual Identity (logotype, branding, etc.),
- website,
- video (for your website, YouTube, social networks...),
- any printed matter,
- social network page,
- etc ...

In other words, a promotion based on what is needed and wanted  is simply much cheaper and more efficient.
It is nothing wrong if you do not have the survey, you will just have to work harder.

I don't offer surveys, but can assist you. Whatever service I do for you, I will always ask if you have one.
It is OK, if you do not have it anyway. my >25 experience in marketing will assist anyway.
Which is not bad at all.