Based on a Survey


On this page I want to share how a survey improved the idea of the client...

It was created for bakery - a small business, run by a husband and wife
and some employees. Pekarna Hrovat is their name.

They came up with an idea: they wanted to have a TV and radio promotion,
but luckily they heard about me and my offer... 

So I listened to their wishes...

Their basic idea was to promote their "all natural bread" without artificial additives
(and there are so many additives in bread nowadays).

My suggestion was that they would first create a survey and then  we would make promotional materials based on that survey...

So we did it

We prepared questions for a phone Q&A and we also prepared them for the live survey. We made the full survey.
The survey included:
- phone calls to a group of users
- observing, listening and
- asking regular customers and visitors about their buying habits.

We wrote everything down and the results were very different from the client's first idea.
It would not be okay to reveal the results here (especially online), but instead of the TV and radio ads, the survey showed us something different.
So we instead created promo materials based on that survey.

If that customer had not done the survey, he would have spent a lot of money for a result that was not so good.
Plus, he would be spending that money for many years...

  Surveys are very important !
Even before  you start a company or before  you implement an entrepreneurial idea or
you start to create a Corporate Visual Identity (CVI), it is important to have a survey as a background.

A good survey. Otherwise you
may will spend too much for advertising and marketing instead of investing that money somewhere else.
Or you may have a complete business failure, even if you work hard for many years.

Do a survey first !
Here is the 'cruel' reality:

Research (a survey done in my country) says that for most people, the most important thing is that the pizzas are big and there are a lot of things on them. Again, that was done in my country and may be completely different in yours.

Simply put, less people care about the best Italian cook from Naples, the best quality, a special taste, etc.  Unfortunately.  Yes, unfortunately.
Of course we do not want all pizzerias to have big pizzas with a lot of stuff on them, with quality playing a less important role, but on average we want them to be OK.
This example shows that it is good to make a survey first, before you start your business.  You will simply spend more money on advertising other stuff.

Yes, get a cook from Naples, have excellent service, make  best pizzas in town, etc.  Do this.
Have a style, quality, excellent service, etc.
I am not trying to convince you to have something average for general public...
But you can start your business faster with the help of surveys. You can still have all that.


When you are promoting less desired features,
you will get less effect for the same money spent for promotion.
Simple and logical.

Create a survey first. 
Find out what is most needed and wanted.

OK, how much will it cost?
In many cases almost nothing!
Check it out here.