3D  Modeling 

  Here are some sample projects which I have done or for which I have been responsible for their implementation. All projects have been implemented.

The biggest insurance company in Slovenia is called Triglav

Here is one example of the mobile pop-up system I created completely
(including teaching their personnel how to use it etc.).

They purchased 11 (eleven) such systems from me. The idea was to present the corporation and present new products to clients passing by.

They achieved a 204 % (two hundred and four) bigger success that they had planned.


PAB plastika is a company specializing in helmets used for fire workers

Very simple, nice and mobile.
A stand that can be adjusted for different sizes of floor space, etc.

The main table/counter was loaded with helmets.
In the table was a light source, glowing the helmets above from below.
It added a nice sensation and attraction to the company and its products.

Elegant, attractive, mobile!


Sometimes there was not enough time even for rendering but just a sketch made in SketchUp with a lot of construction.

Precision and 3D construction work, all made with CNC cutout machinery.



In many cases I did a quick 3D sketch, first to see how the whole thing would work in the end.

It was important to give attention to stability because the most of the projects were made for trade shows, where special conditions and rules must be applied.

Presented here is a study, made in Sketchup.

A case study for company called Termotom

That included a theoretical estimation of activity on the trade show, a prediction of how the visitors would behave, etc.

The main path for the customers is shown in green. The walls and the counter are attracting (glowing light). In the middle is a tower, used as a storage place but outside as a corporate presentation. On the left was an area for serious business talk.

The case study was created by 2D and 3D sketch, then a render of the construction.
Render gives a client an idea of what to expect when the project is done.

Very attractive, eye catching.

One of the biggest projects was a trade show stand for the largest construction company in Slovenia, called SCT.

Floor size: 11 x 12 m and 5 m high stand had to be well thought out in advance.
Aluminum construction, more than 1,000 kg of acrylic sateen glass (white and blue), etc.

The company was celebrating 60 years of existence. Everything had to be monumental.

This stand was magnificent!
This stand was magnificent!

For the purpose of celebrating 60 years, I designed 6 columns (each for a decade), all of them were semi-transparent (glowing light inside), with moving 'heads' in them (moving head is a term for automatic changing light beam and moving).

In the back, there was a wall, with a big glowing photo (with the 3D logo on top) and two plasma displays with an interactive presentation of the projects done and a helicopter show of the projects.

And the trade show was only 4 days... Whaaaat?

Oprema Ravne

In this case a kind of tunnel was designed to present tools for underground drilling.

Although the dimensions of this stand are not big, it was a challenge to make it interesting and attract visitors of the trade show to come closer and see.


The 3D render was interesting like the construction itself. The construction was made of aluminum, then the inner walls were covered with Styrofoam, burned with fire(!) to create the cave effect, painted in cave colors and mounted so client could use it a few times.
A company, BELL, was celebrating its 20 years 

The big wall in the back with 50" plasma inserted, a lottery show, a bar, a storage place, moving and glowing round (valve shape) showcase with their products, etc.

Very shiny and attractive.

The big wall in the back with 50" plasma inserted, a lottery show, a bar, a storage place, moving and glowing round (valve shape) showcase with their products, etc. Very shiny and attractive.

GSK (or GlaxoSmithKline) is a well-known international company producing pharmaceutical products

I designed a stand that can be used as a whole or in two sections separately.

The left side was designed for the presentation of the product, the right side was to present the corporation. In the square columns they presented the product...

All mobile!

Astra Zeneca (another pharmaceutical company) also had special needs

Most of stands presented here were made to change the graphics only, while the construction was like LEGO cubes.

Mobile, adjustable and the client could build many things for future presentations...


A local reseller wanted a presentation system to show their products.
For this purpose, again, a render had to be done first.
Simple, rounded back wall with two mobile presentation counters...

All mobile, of course.

ICIT company for producing machines for gambling

They visited shows in the UK and USA.
That was the first stand we built for them.

The second one was even bigger!

LGCF from France

One of the projects I am very proud of!

A project (done 3 times), made for the biggest producer of wines in Europe (also the 3rd on this planet), Les Grand Chais de France. They are using these POS displays all over the planet. Everywhere. Even in Nepal!


The biggest producer of lingerie in Slovenia.
First the quick study on the construction...

... then the render (before the realization).

They bought the system they could use in the future, to build anything they want.

Their presentation at the trade shows was bigger each year.

The bought the system for less than half the price of renting one in Paris, not mention they used it for years. Much cheaper!

Good choice, Lisca.

In the end:

Yes, on these pages you can see some of the projects made for domestic or international clients. Mostly from the trade show business.

At the biggest trade show in Slovenia (MOS 2007), I received a bronze medal
(with a plaque) for my works. That is something I will never forget.☺