Logotype only?


No, no and nooooo! 

If you plan to have only a logo without the Corporate or the Brand name Visual Identity (CVI or BVI), then dear client, this is not a good idea. It really is not. It will cost you much more. 

Some clients may say: "I only need a logo, nothing big. Simple, something quick...".  In other words; 'something cheap'... Or maybe they think they will add the rest later. Maybe they simply do not have the budget for it.

Every activity (profit or non-profit) has to have a Corporate Visual Identity or a Brand name Visual identity (other terminology: Branding or Design package etc.).

You will need it for sure. 100%. Of course, you can get a logo only, despite this is not my habit (it is almost against my working policy). I usually do a complete Corporate Visual Identity or Brand name Visual Identity simply because you will need one. For sure!

So, go ahead and check pages about it. Take a look and decide what you need (at least the minimum) and I will help you.

Price? Very affordable actually. Check it out.