Sample of Corporate Visual Identity for  Elektra Drole

Company:  ELDRO
Type of business:  Electric machinery and service
CVI page count:  35 pages total  (these are sample pics from 11 pages).
CVI kit includes: Foreword (Requirements and the goals, The idea of the logotype, etc.) 
Technical data (Construction of the logotype, Basic logo in positive and negative, Color logo on the gray background, Basic color logo, The typography of the company, Basic typography on printed matter, Colors and paper selections).
Use of CVI on applications - printed matter, stamp and sticker (Business card, Memorandum, 2nd page of the memorandum, Envelope with window, Envelope without window, Stamp, Sticker).
Signage (Indoor - door signage, Indoor direction boards, Company board, Outdoor direction boards, Car signage, Work clothes).
Reproductions copies

This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is presented without showing details or information about the client. The purpose here is to give to the viewer a glimpse of what a Corporate Visual Identity or a Design Package or Branding can consist of. Corporate Visual Identity is unique and made for each client separately. This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is just one of many, done by myself or under my design leadership. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Thank you for understanding.