Sample of Corporate Visual Identity for  Inter Gozd

Company:  INTER GOZD
Type of business: Tools for working in the forest
CVI page count:  75 pages total  (above are sample pics from 11 pages).
CVI kit includes: Foreword (Requirements and the goals, The idea, The solution, Selecting the paper, Selecting the colors) 
Logotype (Construction of the logotype, Construction of the logotype in the golden cut, Basic logotype, Color logotype on the gray background, Logotype on the orange background, Logotype on the green background, Logotype on the orange and color background, Gray logotype, Gray logotype on the gray scale background, Black and white logotype, Black and white logotype on the gray scale background, Color study, The typography, Using typography - Humanist, Typography in the logotype).
Basic appearance (Basic  appearance - positive, Basic  appearance - in negative, Relationship in the kit, Black and white appearance, The mascot, Gray scale mascot, Black and white mascot).
CVI applications (Memorandum, 2nd page of the memorandum, Memorandum in negative, Business card, Envelope, Envelope A5, Envelope A4, Mini Block Pad, Notepad A4, Notepad A5, Business folder A4, Stamp, Ad).
Signage (Indoor - door signage, Company board, The flag, Service sticker).
Webpage (Head of the webpage).
Clothes (Man and women polo shirt).
- Car park 
(Opel Vivaro car signage)

This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is presented without showing details or information about the client. The purpose here is to give to the viewer a glimpse of what a Corporate Visual Identity or a Design Package or Branding can consist of. Corporate Visual Identity is unique and made for each client separately. This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is just one of many, done by myself or under my design leadership. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Thank you for understanding.