Sample of Corporate Visual Identity for  'elite'

Company: ELITE 
Type of business: Fashion products
CVI page count: 59 pages total  (these are sample pics from 13 pages).
CVI kit includes: Foreword (Goal, The vision, About CVI, Visual identity of logo, colors and typography). 
Basic identifying elements (The Logotype, Construction of the logotype, Minimum space, Minimum size, other versions of the logo, Short version of the logo, Color selections, Color combinations of the Elite logo, Elite Brand name, Basic design, Other versions of the Elite logo).
Typography (Primary typography, Secondary typography, 3rd typography).
Use of CVI on applications - printed matter (Memorandum, 2nd page of the memorandum, Telefax form, 3+2nd page of the telefax form, Business card, Envelope - with window, Folder A4, Stamp, Electronic signature).
Ads (Corporate ad, Product ad).
Product stickers (Round, Square).
Signange (Company board, Outdoor signage, The flag).

This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is presented without showing details or information about the client. The purpose here is to give to the viewer a glimpse of what a Corporate Visual Identity or a Design Package or Branding can consist of. Corporate Visual Identity is unique and made for each client separately. This sample of Corporate Visual Identity is just one of many, done by myself or under my design leadership. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Thank you for understanding.