List  of  Services

CVI  (Corporate Visual Identity)
Package LOGO only
Package CVI MIN  (30-39 pages)
Package CVI MEDIUM  (40-59 pages)
Package CVI MEDIUM PLUS  (60-79 pages)
Package CVI MAX  (MEDIUM PLUS, advanced)
Package CVI ALL INCL  (contract cooperation)
Redesign of existing logotype with case study
The mascot
Separate applications for CVI
Color system
Standard typography (primary and secondary)
Business card
Business folder
Voucher, Tickets, Identity cards,...
Degree, Diploma
Greeting card, Postcard
Printed forms

Organization signage
Object signage
Bigger complex objects signage
Directing signage
Pictogram design for each activity
Design of any packaging
Design of transport packaging
Visual identity for smaller group of products
Poster, flyer,...
Billboard poster
Flyer, folding flyer,...
Publications, prospect,...
Cover of the prospect or publication
Typical page inside
DTP of all the pages

Catalogs, books,...
Mock-up the book collection
Design of the book or catalog cover
Typical page inside
DTP of all the pages

Calendars, planners
Design and the concept
DTP of pages of the calendar
Concept and the design of the planner
Magazines and newspaper
Design of the cover of the magazine
Concept of the typical page of the magazine
Logotype of the magazine or newspaper
Topic design (header)
DTP of the pages

Corporate ad
Selling ad
TV ad - telop
Internet banner
Internet banner - animated GIF
POS displays
POS display - graphic design
POS display - standlone (incl. construction)
POS display - tabletop (incl. construction)
POS display - various
3D objects and mobile signage
Web design
Front page (first or landing page) on web page
Any sub-page
Package MIN  (homepage + 0-4 sub-pages) *
Package MEDIUM  (homepage + 5-15 sub pages) *
Package MAX  (homepage + 16 or more sub-pages) *
Video production
Writing the script
Drawing the scenes (visual script ...)
Recording / collecting audio tracks
Editing audio records
Selecting / making pictures
Recording / collecting video footage
Video editing
Special effects
Motion graphics / animation
3D drawing and construction
3D drawings in SketchUp
3D drawings and animation in 3D Studio Max
Photo retouching
Removing scratches
Color correction
Masking, montage and editing
Assisting and directing to studio photography
DTP (DeskTop Publishing)
DTP: typing service
DTP: typesetting
DTP: corrections
DTP: various

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