• Clients will remember you:
    - visually; your logo, brand, shop, personnel...
    - the name of the company, brand name,
    - your website, ...
  • Your corporate visual identity is the base.
  • What does it associate with?

How to improve visual identity of your brand.

  • At least 88% of people use the internet (USA).
  • Most of them every day. With smart phones, now
    even more as opposed to standalone computers.
  • So, you made a website because ...
  • ... all clients are searching for services and products on the internet.

How to increase SEO? How to be more easily found?

  • We'd rather just comfortably
    WATCH and LISTEN than read.
  • YouTube became the 2nd biggest search engine.
  • watching hours every day !
  • watched videos every day !
  • Age 25-54 = 65% users of YouTube.
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