Video - today's must have!

Whether we like it or not:
  • Most people would rather just comfortably WATCH and LISTEN instead of reading.
  • The biggest search engines are Google, YouTube (!!!)....and then Bing.
  • We use YouTube more than social networks.
  • World: YouTube watching hours every day!!!
  • World: watched YouTube videos every day !!!
  • World: 1.300.000.000 YouTube registered users.
  • More than 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute !!!
  • Visitors age: 25 - 54 years: 65% = users of YouTube. So?
  • Right at this moment, clients are searching on YouTube.
    (... and they found your competitors, whether you like it or not).

Do you have your video presentation?
How many?


How to get a video?

Fact: making a video is very affordable.
It hasn't been so in the past, but those days are over. Videos can be made
in few simple steps (depending on what kind of video would you like to do).
First, answer these simple questions::
  • Who will be our public? The video is for ...?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What do you want to tell them?
  • How do you want to help them?
  • Etc.

Following are 4 main questions (which are actually important for ANY promotion).
When someone is browsing the internet, a magazine or watching a video, they are asking and answering/deciding very quickly (in a split second):

  1. What is it?
  2. How valuable it is? 
  3. How much does it cost? 
  4. Where can I get it?
The most common is question 1, maybe 2 and only sometimes 3 and 4.
Just take a magazine and observe yourself while browsing.

When we know the answers to all 4 questions, we can start preparing to make a video.
The procedure is usually as follows:
  • Write the screenplay (a simple story is best).
  • Write the text (story) and then record the audio ('B' roll).
  • Tape the video shots that are presenting your product/service,
    its use, features and benefits for the user, etc...
  • Collect and make the pictures, graphics...
  • Maybe animate something (for a better presentation).
  • Edit all together, like it is in the screenplay, and improve it.
  • Some other things can follow...

The most important thing is to answer the 4 questions (above).

Do this first. We will give you all other details and instructions at the meeting.

How much does it cost?

The first answer is: IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE.  Of course, this can be a broad question, almost like asking: "How much does a car cost?"
It can definitely be calculated or at least very well evaluated.

In short: making a video could as little as € 100 per video.

It can be $ 1.000 or more but that is rare. In most cases it is something in between, depending on how many of the above-mentioned things are done.
But: if you have a series of videos (let's say a products from a product line,  each video can be very, very affordable.

The most expensive option (even costing $10,000s) is to NOT have videos.

It is true, people do not like when a sales person is trying to convince them to buy something. They'd rather watch a video presentation of products and services (even if you use the exact same words...). Plus, the videos are 'working for you', when you, the sales person, are not in the office, but at home or even sleeping. Video presentations are the best and most effective sales persons you can afford.
Videos can be posted on your YouTube channel, on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin,... everywhere!

Remember: the younger generation is looking at their smartphones. They read less and less. This has already been happening for several years and it is growing.
How are they going to find you? Unfortunately, they will not even notice the shop they are walking past - because they are walking with their smartphones.

How much does a video cost? Can you afford to not have one them?
Just think a little bit about your future. The whole world is going this (crazy) way...

Some sample of different video presentations:

Development of the logotype (animation)

Intro for a series of videos BOetico Vegan Festival, Italy.
(for 18 documentary videos)

Demonstration of dance.

Presentation of a catalog.

Presentation of a product PUZZLE.

Weeding celebration in the Villa Giacomelli, Italy.

Dancing show of an excellent maestro couple
(5 videos + interview).

AE template for quick presentation of any catalog,
brochure, leaflet, video series, photo album, ...
Portfolio presentation (animation).

Presentation of designing leaflets, catalogs ,...

Presentation / invitation to a concert with orchestra
El Cachivache (3 languages)

Video instructions.