Max - big website


Here I am presenting my case study and my procedure of designing a big and somewhat complex website. This website was even bigger before (with many more sub-pages and my webmaster's comment that making it was overkill').

The result was that almost all (99%) of customers said something like:
    - "After we saw your website, we said: that's it. We will look no further."
    - "Super design."
    - "Best site for the product. We are yours..."
    - ... etc.

Generally, I like simple and clear design (the philosophy of less is more ).
But in this case we had to add as much information as possible so the clients could be informed about the products.

Even more:
During a phone contact, a sales person could lead the client to go and click on the same menu/item on the page. This is very helpful for the sales process.
Overkill or not, the result is what counts. Such a website is also the cheapest.
Below is the sample photo, and I am explaining the philosophy of this website and how the design was made.


About the case study

First I made some drawings and a fancy design. No blinking items, but fancy.
After 14 days I threw everything away and started from scratch.

Before the new start I made a case study.
I checked the philosophy of many other webpages on the internet:
- What on some pages I liked, and
- What is good in each of them....
- Which pages took my attention?
- What took my attention?
- Etc.

I marked up all comments, print the webpages, put them on the table and compared the results. Then the philosophy was born. With this I could attract visitors' attention and keep it for a long time.

That was the big goal!  Achieved.

The page is basically mostly gray or grayish. Only some parts are colorful - to lead the customers attention. The idea was to lead visitor's eye where we want to.
I played a bit with the proportions, color selections, selecting significance, visitor's habits, etc.
Something important was help from sales viewpoint, which influenced the design.

Now the site is no longer active. But the philosophy remained.
What counts is:  great idea and philosophy! I learned a lot and these experiences are precious.