Medium - (common size website)


Here I am presenting few webpages that are average in size and not complex. I made them for different purposes:
  1. Presentation of the LAM system.
  2. Technicaly demanding website for Demitto Yachting.
  3. In progress: medical equipment of the MEDIPREM company.
  4. Tango school El Cachafaz.
  5. International event Romance del Lago.
  6. For project Treasure Hunting.
Having a website is sounds these days. Just get any CMS tool and make it your self. But to create a good websites requires:
  • knowing (at least the) basic things about the activity,
  • planing, knowing about funneling,
  • knowing how to make an internal optimization,
  • nice design and
  • some technical knowledge how to make it.
A template for a website can be a good base, but no template can replace all of above.
I can help you with that. Or with both or can do the design only.

1. LAM

Medium size website, which became very 'rich' with data, pictures, samples, videos. Website was used for an international network of distributors. Each distributor simply got a ready-made website. He just had to translate it and he could adopt it to his market. Very practical!


The second site was designed according to the wishes and taste of my friend and his uncle. I am presenting it here for the technical background. It was done with the integration of online ordering, booking and reservations. I made this using the spreadsheets in Google Drive.
Great experience that can be implemented into yours, if you need something like this.


In the process ...


In the beginning this website was based on the idea that I just need to present who we are (in the association of El Cachafaz), what we do, classes and events we organize ...
Now the website is growing. Since it is made in Google Sites CMS, I or anyone I give permission to can edit or add to the content. It is easy. Like editing a word file...
Check the link:


For an international event with guests from 28 (!) countries.


This page (intranet) was made more for fun - to give my friends on Facebook selective information about the event I was organizing.
Google Sites CMS is great for that too.


If a client needs something different that would be impossible for for this CMS (or any), I can do also design only.
Anyway, the design of the website has to be made in the first place and the site logic should be thought out carefully.
Then everything else is just few clicks away...