Min - simple website 


There are many tools for creating a website. The client's need to update it without the webmaster is rapidly increasing. This is called a CMS (Content Management System) based website . There are really many CMS-s and they are suitable for almost every need. Many CMS tools are 100%  free and you can use them completely for free to change the content of the web page. I am willing to help you learn how to use it.

Now very popular and well-known Wordpress is easier to hack (google it to learn more), even though both are really great tools. Then there are WIX, Squarespace, Joomla, etc. Really popular, great tools.

We are using tools that are 100% free and anyone can build or update his web site and change however he wants. They are intuitive and very easy to learn (to update your site or even make it from scratch).

Below are two very, very simple sites.
On the next page you can find few more samples Medium - average website.

Question: OK, where is the trick?  It has to be. Nothing is free today...

You can really design, create, make, ... edit, etc. your own website alone and it is really 100% FREE.
It is COMPLETELY FREE. Even with your own domain name. You can host your domain / website anywhere you want. Only few CMS tools offer that. Google Sites CMS is one of them. If you like WordPress better, go with that. Other FREE tools also exist_ Contao, TYPO3, Bolt, Tidy, ExpressionEngine, Drupal ... Choose what fits better for you.
By FREE I do not mean, you have to pay for anything. You can use your domain name and host your site anywhere, etc. 100% FREE is 100% FREE!

Of course someone has to do the design the website (size, structure, setting up, typography, colors, ...). Someone has to collect photos, prepare them for website, name them, add them, maybe animate something, optimize page for the search engines, set it up for the analytic, setup domain, DNS, funneling ...

Maybe you can just do it by yourself or with some friends. I am sure you can. Do it!
But if you are busy with your business, it is better to focus on that alone. In the mean time your website will be done. From there on, you can still edit and use it 100% FREE.

Here are some samples of simple websites done (with Google Sites CMS):



This webpage was created to support another new product. It was made in one day only (in a few hours, actually).

The most important thing when creating a new website is to plan it well, before the start.
The purpose, logic, funneling (!), optimization and graphics are things to think of in advance.
We can help with all of that.